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MyCare Ohio demonstrates better care, lower costs, according to ODM


Source: Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services


MyCare Ohio Demonstrates Better Care, Lower Costs

Ohio Medicaid recently released its annual MyCare Ohio evaluation. The report shows the MyCare program is saving Ohio taxpayers at least $30 million annually while also delivering better care and better health outcomes for more than 113,000 Ohioans enrolled in the program. Ohio Medicaid launched MyCare in May 2014 to improve care coordination for individuals enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid. As a result: 

  • Ohio leads the nation in the percentage of MyCare members (70 percent) who elected to have their MyCare plan coordinate Medicare benefits alongside Medicaid benefits, indicating a high level of patient trust and satisfaction with the MyCare plan.
  • Most MyCare Ohio members (93 percent) expressed satisfaction in their relationship with their care manager, according to an external quality review survey.
  • MyCare managed care plans were critical partners in helping nearly 400 residents of 13 nursing homes find another residence when their poor-performing nursing home shut down.

MyCare plans do a better job than the traditional fee-for-service program in helping Ohioans stay in their own home instead of moving into a nursing home – resulting in higher patient satisfaction and significant taxpayer savings. 

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