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The Mindful Healthcare Summit - May 23-27, 2019

A free online event through a partnership with OPWC

The Ohio Physician Wellness Coalition's (of which OPPA is a member) partnership with The Awake Network’s Mindful Healthcare Summit.  Registration is now open!

This is a free online event for medical professionals, students, and administrators examining how mindfulness and compassion practices can help address the complex issues of chronic stress, and overwork, and the epidemic of burnout among health care professionals.

The Summit will include practical, evidence-based tools to support clinician well-being, improve patient care, and examine how mindfulness and compassion can transform the very system of health care itself.

Click here to register for the free online summit, airing May 23-27, 2019

Speakers for this free event, May 23-27th, 2019, include leading experts and researchers in medicine, mindfulness, and high-level innovators on the frontlines of health care reform, including:

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn, PHD: Founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, RN: Nursing professor, President, Mind & Life Institute
  • Bobby Mukkamala, MD: Member, AMA Board of Trustees
  • Ron Epstein, MD: Author, Attending: Mindfulness, Medicine and Humanity
  • And many others

The Mindful Healthcare Summit will offer practical, evidence-based tools to help medical professionals learn to:

  • Introduce mindfulness and compassion practices to steady the mind into a balanced state of relaxed readiness in the midst of daily high-stress work
  • Build sustainable, long-term resilience and work-life integration
  • Develop compassion in work and among teams to build cultures that promote camaraderie, clarity, and health
  • The best practices and most common pitfalls to avoid when bringing mindfulness into health care settings
  • Case studies and interviews with the experts and administrators who are making it happen in hospitals and universities across the US –– including the cutting edge peer-reviewed research and case studies behind them

Each evening during the summit week, 3 to 4 interviews/sessions will be put up. They range in length, but are typically 25 to 45 minutes. They will be available to watch anytime from then on, for 48 hours. There will also be brief, 3-5 minute practices posted early each morning, for use on the way to work, etc. Closer to the event, the summit schedule will go out, so participants will be able to pick and choose which sessions are most relevant to them. Anyone registered will get emails about that.

Click here to learn more, or to sign up for the free online summit, airing May 23-27, 2019

Continuing education credits and contact hours are also available as part of the optional "Resource Package," an upgrade option which gives life-time downloadable access to the program and additional resources. And as a member of the OPWC, if you do chose to purchase the Resource Package take advantage of the OPWC's discount code when checking out. Just enter COMMUNITY50.


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