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OPPA officers begin their terms for 2019-2020

At the conclusion of the American Psychiatric Association's Annual Meeting (Wed., May 22), new officers for the OPPA begin their 2019-2020 terms:

President - Victoria Kelly, MD (Toledo)

President-Elect - Megan Testa, MD (Cleveland)

Treasurer - Molly McVoy, MD (Cleveland)

Secretary - Christina Weston, MD (Dayton)

Immediate Past President - William (Bill) Resch, DO (Columbus)

"As I take over the presidency of our organization, my vision for 2019-2020 will focus on education, said Victoria Kelly, MD. Educating the public and legislature about expansion of scope of practice, and educating our colleagues and legislative officials about the issues surrounding the gray zone of medical boarding and problems with involuntary hospitalization, or pink slipping. I will also reaffirm our connectivity in Ohio to each other."

Dr. Kelly stated that "time and time again, we hear stories of people feeling disconnected and stressed. But hopefully, through education and fun together, we can shed the aura of burnout that shrouds medicine these days, and move through 2019 and into 2020 with our vision intact, our minds kindled and spirits filled."  

OPPA Presidential Address by Victoria Kelly MD, Insight Matters Spring 2019

In addition, Suzanne Sampang, MD (Cincinnati) and James Wasserman, MD (Columbus) begin their second terms for APA Representatives (continuing to serve along with Karen Jacobs, DO and Eileen McGee, MD).

Read the bios (included in Insight Matters, Winter 2019)

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