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APA begins work on DSM-5-TR

Now six years since the publication of DSM-5, APA has begun work on a text revision, DSM-5-TR. The goal is to ensure that the text in DSM-5 is accurate and up-to-date and thus continues to be useful for clinical, educational, research, and forensic purposes. To cover the wide range of disorders in DSM-5, a large team of subject matter and cross-cutting experts will review the current DSM-5 text, conduct literature reviews covering the past 10 years, and make updates where necessary. As with DSM-IV-TR, published in 2000 (six years after the publication of DSM-IV), the scope of the revision is confined to the text with an emphasis on changes supported by the literature. The publication date for DSM-5-TR has not yet been determined.

The DSM-5 portal to submit proposals for changes to diagnostic criteria or text has been open to the public for over two years and remains available on an ongoing basis.

In the months since the DSM web portal opened, relatively few—and minor—proposed changes have been submitted. DSM leaders want to make sure clinicians, researchers, and members of the public are aware of the process for submitting proposed changes.


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