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One-bite program, a confidential monitoring program, is now available for Medical Board licensees

The One-bite program is a confidential monitoring program now available for Medical Board licensees.

Through this program, licensees who seek treatment for a substance use disorder may do so confidentially. The One-bite program is conducted by the Ohio Physicians Health Program (OPHP) and enables licensees to receive treatment without disclosing their name or records to the Medical Board unless certain conditions exist.

To qualify, licensees must meet all three requirements:

  1. Be diagnosed with substance use disorder and impaired in ability to practice
  2. Be a first-time participant in the program, and
  3. Have no prior disciplinary action for substance use disorder or impairment by any licensing board in Ohio.

If you think you may qualify for the One-bite program or know a colleague in need of help, please contact the Ohio Physicians Health Program at (614) 841-9690 or

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