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Dayton shooting stirs gun debate


Source: Hicks Partners Newsletter


Following the tragic incidents in Dayton’s Oregon District, Governor DeWine introduced several proposals to curb gun violence and broaden access to mental health services. In all, 17 action items were unveiled two days after the shooting, including increasing criminal penalties for firearm possession while committing a felony, expanding Ohio’s school safety tip lines, and enacting a new ‘safety protection order’ that would allow a judicial hearing within three days of a potentially dangerous person having access to firearms being reported to police and prior to the seizure of any guns.

State legislators have also introduced a series of firearm bills in the following weeks. Introduced by House Democrats, HB 315, HB 316, HB 317, HB 319, and HB 320 join nine other firearms-related bills currently pending in the House and the Senate.


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