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OPPA is proud to recognize TRICARE Awareness Week

As part of TRICARE Awareness Week, the Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association is working in partnership with the Ohio National Guard and other physician organizations in an effort to support Ohio service members and their families by informing Ohio physicians that we need their support to care for TRICARE beneficiaries. The goal of TRICARE Awareness Week is to encourage more physicians to accept TRICARE thus improving continuity of care for service members who protect our freedom at home and abroad.

TRICARE is the health care program supporting the military, including active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members and family members among others. As National Guard and Reserve members move from private insurance to TRICARE when deployed, it is increasingly important that physicians accept TRICARE to ensure continuity of care for service members and their families.

Over the years, TRICARE has undergone a great deal of change in an effort to improve care to service members as well the process for physicians who care for them and their practices. Most codes are reimbursed at rates that are comparable to Medicare and claims that are submitted electronically are typically reimbursed within five business days. The Ohio National Guard has created this flyer called “Fact vs. Fiction: Your Guide to TRICARE” to address concerns with caring for TRICARE beneficiaries.

To learn more about TRICARE, click here.

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