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Mark Munetz, MD awarded TAC's advocacy commendation

Mark Munetz, MD, of Akron, Ohio, and Karen Easter of Knoxville, Tennessee, have been awarded the Treatment Advocacy Center’s 2012 Torrey Advocacy Commendation for their dedication to improving the lives of people with mental illness and treatment law reform. The Torrey Advocacy Commendation recognizes the courage and tenacity of individuals who selflessly advocate - despite criticism and opposition - for the right to treatment for people too severely disabled by mental illness to recognize their own need for care.

Dr. Munetz, a psychiatrist, has been inspiring stakeholders to come together on mental health issues for many years. He has implemented AOT with widespread support and great success, significantly decreasing hospital admissions in Summit County. Dr. Munetz initiated the Ohio Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence to promote jail diversion alternatives for people with mental illness, one of the many examples of his unwavering dedication to helping all those with severe mental illness, including the most ill and vulnerable. He is currently at the forefront of advocacy for Ohio Senate Bill 350, which encourages the use of AOT as an alternative to incarceration for people living with severe mental illness.


Congratulations from the OPPA, Dr. Munetz!

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