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Data on non-Medicaid mental health spending in Ohio

The Mental Health Advocacy Coalition (MHAC) and The Center for Community Solutions (CCS) have repared a new report entitled, By the Numbers 2: Analysis of Ohio’s Mental Health Non-Medicaid Spending.  The report analyzes Ohio’s mental health non-Medicaid spending, focusing on vital support services that individuals with mental illnesses need to live in and contribute to our communities.  Our organizations undertook this research in response to significant policy changes happening in Ohio, and as a follow-up to needs identified in By the Numbers 1, a previous joint report on mental health spending across program areas. 

The MHAC and CCS undertook this project to collect, consolidate and disseminate data from county boards on support services for individuals with mental illnesses that are not reimbursable by Medicaid.  Prior to this report, no such analysis or collection of data existed.  This report describes support services and analyzes statewide spending on these services.  Our hope is that the data enclosed answers questions, raises new issues, and improves Ohio’s continuum of care for individuals with behavioral health disorders in Ohio.  The recommendations on identified data needs, funding, and remaining questions are places to begin a conversation. 

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