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APA primer on health insurance exchanges webinar

APA Health Insurance Exchange Webinar Now Available

The APA's "ACA Health Insurance Exchange: A Primer," which APA staff members Sam Muszynski, JD and Julie A. Clements, JD presented in two sessions on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, along with guests Kathleen Gross and Randall Hagar,  is now available for your viewing on the APA website here.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires states' health care exchanges to be completed by October 2013 and serving consumers by January 2014. This webinar will serve as a primer to better understanding state health insurance exchanges, covering the formation of health insurance exchanges, key actors and stakeholders, coverage issues, essential health benefits, and the interactions among federal and state mental health parity laws and qualified health plans to be sold on states' health insurance exchanges. Details will be forthcoming about a separate webinar to be held in early April 2013 which will address the ACA's Medicaid expansion and how the federal mental health parity law applies to various types of Medicaid health plans.

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