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HPIO re-releases report on Ohio's health insurance marketplace

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio has re-released its latest publication: "Health insurance marketplaces: What Ohioans can expect" (pdf, 8 pages).

The policy brief explores how health insurance marketplaces (formerly known as exchanges) will operate in Ohio and describes the type of plans that will be offered in the individual market, the small-group market and Medicaid.

After releasing the paper on June 28, HPIO decided to revisit two sections of the paper: “Impact on Ohio market” (page 3) was revised for accuracy and clarity and “Alternative benefit plans and EHB in Medicaid” (page 6) was updated to reflect the final rule released by the Centers for Medicare and Medcaid Services on July 5. The revised version of the brief is dated July 2013.

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), states have the choice to establish a state-based marketplace, a federally facilitated marketplace (FFM), or a hybrid/partnership marketplace to assist qualified individuals and small employers with selecting and purchasing health insurance coverage. Ohio has chosen to have an FFM. The ACA also requires only “Qualified Health Plans,” or QHPs, to be offered to consumers via health insurance marketplaces beginning in 2014. 

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