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Pharmacy Board creates "Practice Insight Report"

The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy announces the availability of the Practice Insight Report in the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS). This report was designed after feedback from prescribers who regularly use OARRS.

The Practice Insight Report will provide prescribers with information about their patients by providing easy access to the following information:

  • A list of the prescriber’s patients, if any, who are visiting multiple prescribers, which might be an indication of doctor shopping. Research compiled by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that doctor shoppers are at an increased risk for prescription drug overdose.
  • A list of the prescriber’s patients that have the highest morphine equivalent doses. Guidelines issued by the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team, use 80 mg morphine equivalency dosing (MED) as a “trigger threshold,” as the odds of an overdose are significantly higher above that dose. For more information on the guidelines, visit:
  • The drugs most commonly prescribed by the clinician and a list of the prescriber’s patients that have received a prescription for an OARRS reportable drug in the past year.

To learn more and to view a sample report, click HERE.

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