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Medical board mails OARRS letter to those not registered

The State Medical Board of Ohio mailed a letter to 2,400 physicians who the Ohio Pharmacy Board says are not currently registered for the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS).

If you received one of these letters, the Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association encourages you to register for OARRS immediately.

If you received a letter in error and are, in fact, currently registered for OARRS, please notify Kim Anderson at the State Medical Board by calling 614-466- 7207.

Click HERE for the letter.

As a reminder:

In November 2011, as a response to the growing number of deaths nationwide attributed to the abuse and misuse of opioids and other controlled substances, the State Medical Board of Ohio adopted Rule 4731-11-11, Ohio Administrative Code, which requires the checking of OARRS prior to prescribing controlled substances or tramadol in three general circumstances:

  • When you have reason to believe the patient’s treatment with the controlled substances or tramadol will continue for twelve (12) weeks or longer;
  • At least once a year thereafter for patients receiving treatment with controlled substances or tramadol; and
  • Anytime a patient is exhibiting signs of drug abuse or diversion.






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