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New report: The Vital Role of State Psychiatric Hospitals

Source: OhioMHAS

The National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) has released a new report The Vital Role of State Psychiatric Hospitals. This technical report is advocacy for state psychiatric hospitals to be a vital part of the continuum of recovery services that should be integrated with a robust set of community services.

Recommendations are provided for improving community integration, state psychiatric hospital services and operations, and policies on all system levels. This report is not advocacy for increasing state psychiatric hospitals or beds.

To support and justify the recommendations, the report includes:

  • background and discussion on the history and current context of state psychiatric hospitals; data and trends;
  • how admission decisions to state psychiatric hospitals are made;
  • the impact of the 1999 Olmstead Supreme Court decision;
  • financing;
  • the use of technology; and
  • what the environment and culture of state psychiatric hospitals should be.

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