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Understanding Ohio's Court-Ordered O/P Treatment Law

On September 17, 2014, a new law went into effect that modifies and provides clarification regarding court ordered outpatient treatment. Prior to passage of the law, many probate court judges had differing interpretations regarding their ability to order certain individuals with mental illness into treatment in an outpatient setting.

Family members with loved ones with untreated mental illness and a history of harm to self or others sought to have the law clarified. In the process, other changes were made that expanded the scope of the law.

A new booklet developed by NAMI Ohio, with input by other advocates, including OPPA's Mark Munetz, MD provides an overview of the law and offers suggestions on steps individuals can take to ensure that it is properly implemented and applied appropriately in their community. 

Understanding Ohio's Court-ordered Outpatient Treatment Law

Affidavit of Mental Illness

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