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OPPA member, Mark Munetz, MD, appointed to TAC advisory board

To help meet the demand for evidence-based information on mental illness treatment issues, the Treatment Advocacy Center has named 13 esteemed psychiatrists – three of them past presidents of the American Psychiatric Association – as founding members of the organization’s Psychiatric Advisory Board.

“As public and official awareness of mental illness issues has grown in the last two years, the unique role of the Treatment Advocacy Center as a central source of data and as the leading mental health organization that drives public policies for the most severely ill has made us a clearinghouse for informed background and comment,” said E. Fuller Torrey, M.D., honorary chair of the panel.

“The agreement of these esteemed psychiatrists to make their extraordinary clinical and scientific knowledge available will give the organization even greater capabilities,” Torrey said.

Members of the panel were nominated and approved by the Treatment Advocacy Center Board of Directors. Dr. Mike Knable, executive director of the Sylvan Herman Foundation, will serve as chair.

See the complete list of psychiatrists joining Drs. Knable and Torrey on the founding board.

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