Thank you for your interest in joining the Ohio Provider Resource Association!  We are delighted to have you!

OPRA Membership begins January 1st and ends December 31st of each calendar year. 


Provider Membership                 

Provider Membership is for businesses that provide services directly to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  If your agency bills the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, or a local county board of developmental disabilities for services provided by your agency, you are eligible for a Provider Membership.  Provider Member dues are calculated based on a percentage of your agency's estimated gross revenue from supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

New OPRA Provider Members will receive a one-time introductory dues discount of 35%.   

2023 OPRA New Provider Membership Application

All current OPRA Provider Members who submit their renewal forms by 3/15/2023 will receive a 5% dues discount based on their payment plan.  This discount will be reflected on your dues invoice that will be sent to you within 24-48 hours after completion.

2023 OPRA Provider Membership Renewal Application


Public Entity Membership

Public Entity Membership is designed specifically for Ohio's local county boards of developmental disabilities and regional Council of Governments (COG).

2023 OPRA Public Entity Flyer

2023 OPRA Public Entity Membership Application

  There are three options under the Public Entity Membership:

Level 1 Membership - $1,000

Under this option, public entity Members have access to:

  • Members-Only Friday Calls
  • Weekly Friday 5 newsletter
  • New monthly “partnership” meeting with the OPRA Team and other Members


Level 2 Membership - $3,000

Under this option, public entity Members will have access to:

  • Member-Only Weekly Friday Calls,
  • Weekly Friday 5 newsletter, 
  • Access to the HR, Health care, Day Array, Day Services, Employment, Marketing & Communications, ICF, and Residential Waiver Committees  
  • New monthly “partnership” meeting with the OPRA Team and other Members.


Level 3 Membership - $10,000 

This option gives you a Level 2 membership and allows you to offer a 1-year membership to 3 Providers in your county (the providers you select cannot be current members of OPRA). The Providers you select will have full access to all that OPRA provides including Advocacy, Information, Resources, and Technical Assistance.

For Sponsored Providers, please complete the membership application below to submit your provider agency's information to be added to the OPRA Membership Roster. 2023 OPRA Sponsored Provider Membership Application   


Associate Membership

Associate Membership is for businesses that offer services and products a provider uses to run and support their business; such as insurance companies, pharmacies, and software platforms.  Families and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can also join as an Associate Member.   

2023 OPRA Associate Membership Application for New and Renewing Members

2023 Associate Member Benefits Flyer

Have more questions about starting your OPRA Membership?  Please contact Sonya Summers at or call the OPRA office at (614) 224-6772!