**The below is provided for informational purposes only**

The OPRA PAC is a key tool used in advocating for our Member's needs with our state and federal elected officials. The PAC was formed as a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) to work with our elected officials at most levels of government.

The OPRA PAC is a federal separate segregated funds PAC that must follow the rules promulgated by the Federal Elections Committee (FEC). The PAC files regular reports with both the FEC and the Ohio Secretary of State and can donate to federal and state campaigns. The PAC operates under a separate set of by-laws and is governed by a small committee of OPRA Members.

Donations to the PAC are always voluntary and can only be made by a designated class of staff of OPRA Members. Contributions to the OPRA PAC are not deductible for federal tax purposes and can not be made using corporate funds. OPRA Membership is in no way contingent on a Member's ability to contribute to the PAC.

To learn more about the OPRA PAC, please contact the OPRA Office.