OPRA Listservs

One of OPRA's main communication conduits is the OPRA listservs.  Below are the basics to help you communicate with the OPRA Community.

  • To be added to any of the OPRA listservs, and gain access to committee forums, we need full names, titles, email addresses, and which committee lists you want to be added to (please see below).  You can contact Sonya Summers at ssummers@opra.org to have yourself or additional employees added to the listserv.
  • In case you’re not quite familiar with how a listserv works, here are some pointers on best-practices for the OPRA listserv:
    • The listserv facilitates real-time communication among Members of OPRA and other stakeholders within the DD field.
    • As a listserv subscriber, you receive information and updates on issues related to the field.
    • You are encouraged to send comments, questions and responses back to listserv users.
    • Please keep in mind, your responses are sent to the entire listserv group when you respond by hitting “reply” or “reply all”.
    • To reply to the original sender “only”, respond to the email listed after “on behalf of” in the FROM line of the message header.
    • Be sure to permit emails from opra.simplelists.com through your spam filter or other network gateways.
  • Below are the current OPRA Committees that may be of interest to you:
    • Day Array
    • Day Services
    • Employment
    • Healthcare
    • Human Resources
    • ICF
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Policy
    • Residential Waiver

Please contact Sonya Summers at ssummers@opra.org if you have any questions.