Industry Benchmarking Reports

FPDA offers a variety of benchmarking tools designed to provide you the information you need to help run your business effectively and profitably. 

FPDA Industry Trends Report Offered Monthly to Members

FPDA, in conjunction with Cleveland Research Company, releases a monthly Industry Trends Report based in part on data collected from FPDA Distributor and Manufacturer Members. Graphs and analysis on monthly sales growth, sales growth outlooks, end market performance, pricing and inventory environments, and key manufacturing sector indicators are provided in the Report. Participating firms receive these reports immediately. Please contact the FPDA office if you would like to participate in these reports.

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FPDA Bi-Annual Compensation Survey

Hiring and keeping good employees is essential to the profitability of your business, especially in today’s economy. To achieve that goal, you must consider your overall employee compensation plan—not just your pay scales, but your benefits program as well—in comparison to other firms in distribution.

How does your firm’s employee compensation package stack up in the industry? To help you evaluate your situation, FPDA is co-sponsors the Annual Employee Compensation Study conducted by Profit Planning Group. Approximately 2,500 firms in over 35 distribution lines of trade will be participating.

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Financial Benchmarking Report

This is an annual financial analysis of typical distributor performance in terms of sales growth, return on investment, gross margin, and additional comparative financial performance information. Participating members are provided an individual Company Productivity Report, which can be used to compare company profitability to the industry.

Be sure to participate in and benefit from these unique FPDA benchmarking tools!

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