Financial Benchmarking Report

The best source of financial benchmarks for the industry is the FPDA Financial Benchmarking Report. The information in this report provides answers to questions such as “Are the most successful firms in a down market placing more emphasis on gross margin management or expense control?”

In short, this report presents a wealth of financial and operating guidelines. In addition, it provides direct comparisons between your firm and other participating firms. This valuable information is only available for free to distributor firms that participate in the study. Participants receive:

  • The FPDA Industry Report provides a summarized analysis of trends and insights garnered from the data of all participating FPDA distributors.
  • Each participant will also receive a confidential Customized Benchmarking Report which compares their company’s metrics to distributors of similar, size, customer/product focus, and regional profile. 

If you have any questions and/or are interested in participating, please email Courtney Truelove at 


Data Confidentiality:

To ensure the confidentiality of your data, this program is conducted by an outside firm, Edgewater Research. Edgewater Research has extensive experience with data security and confidentiality.

2023 FPDA Financial Benchmarking Report