FPDA OnDemand

FPDA makes every effort to ensure recordings of Live webinar programs are available. There are instances, however, where the information being shared is proprietary and therefore a recording cannot be published.

Click on any of the links below to listen to recent webinar programs you may have missed.

FPDA/ISD Joint Post-Summit Webinar: Innovate to Dominate: A Roadmap for Distributor Innovations

Webinar Date: November 8th, 2019 | Duration 60 Minutes

Presented By: Mark Dancer

FPDA/ISD Pre-Summit Webinar: A.R.M.E.D.

Webinar Date: September 6th, 2019 | Duration 60 Minutes

Presented By: Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP, CDR, US Navy (ret)

FPDA Webinar: Cleveland Research: Industrial/Macroeconomic Update

Webinar Date: August 14, 2019 | Duration 40 Minutes

Presented By: Owen Flanagan & Kieran Scally, Cleveland Research

Powering Data Science at Scale

Webinar Date: July 10, 2019 | Duration 55 Minutes

Hosted By: Stuart Alexander, Rich Shedrick, IBM

Educational Opportunities Explored & Explained

Webinar Date: March 27, 2019 | Duration: 33 Minutes

This webinar covers the educational opportunities now offered by FPDA to its members.