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The Training Resource Exchange is designed for members to share information about programs, handbooks, and industry training they’ve participated in and found to be particularly impactful. 

Do you have a program you’d like to share?  Please complete and submit this online Training Resource Form.  Each submission will be reviewed by the Education Task Force and posted once the vetting process is complete. 

Classroom Training

The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession - Sales Professional Training Camp

Dates: May 21-23, August 13-15, November 12-14, 2019

Location:  Dayton, Ohio | Cost:  $945.00 plus transportation and lodging

Description: This comprehensive 2 ½ day training concentrates on practical skills, tools and fundamental disciplines that are essential for sales professionals and a productive sales team.  It covers the Four Pillars of the Sales Profession™. 

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Pillar I - Personal Disciplines

Learn the 24 disciplines needed as a professional sales person to assure consistent actions and maximized results as well as inspire personal change and improved time management.

Pillar II - Relationship Skills

People buy from those they like and trust. Sharpen core communication skills and drive home the importance of active listening.  Skillfully adapt to all types and styles of customers.

Pillar III - Strategic Selling

Gain a clear understanding of the big picture and the full range of responsibilities expected of sales professionals. Focus on territory management and implement formal strategic planning for key, major accounts.

Pillar IIII - Tactical Selling

A full day target account, hands-on workshop with discussion and feedback from peers, managers and the trainer; each participant will complete a written pre-call plan, then role-play the call that is being recorded and then professionally critiqued.

Trainer:  Don Buttrey, President Sales Professional Training

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Womack Training Options

Womack is excited to be able to offer a variety of hands-on training courses – click here for a description of what’s available. If you’d like to register or need additional information, please contact:

Ken Wilburn – Womack Inside Sales
Direct PH# 972-884-1504

or visit 


Training Resource Exchange

Fluid Power Data Book

Short Description: This handy pocket guide is a collection of useful fluid power data. It can be used in employee training, seminars, or as a customer give-away.

Editor:  Womack Educational Publications

Member Cost: $90.00 for 100 Copies

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Industrial Fluid Power, Vol 1, 3rd Edition

Basic Textbook on Hydraulics, Pneumatics, and Vacuum. Study text, circuit diagrams, design data tables, and troubleshooting chapters are arranged for the beginning student.

Authors: Charles S. Hedges and Robert C. Womack

Cost: $20.72 (Amazon)

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Lightning Reference Handbook

Simply one of the best hydraulic technical reference materials around. Covers standards and practices, fluid power data, fluids, actuators, conductors, connectors, seals and more!

Editor: Eaton Corporation

Cost: $29.00 (Use promotional code “FPDA” and receive a 10% Discount)

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Financial Transactions of the Wholesale Distributor

This text teaches readers to calculate and understand the key financial measurements in the Industrial Distributor's operations. This text is a must for branch managers or anyone responsible for financial performance.

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