Proper recruitment, selection, onboarding and training of new employees and the ongoing education of current employees is critical to their success, and that of your business. It’s no secret that the cost of finding new hires is an expensive and time-consuming chore; keeping qualified and enthusiastic employees is so much better for your company and so much more rewarding for the individuals who keep your business running. And, given the continuing exodus of retiring employees, attracting the next generation of business leaders is a timely imperative.

This Roadmap provides you and your company with:

  • Important and timely Human Resource updates, policies and templates, as provided by Executive Consultant, Nancye Combs;
  • Identifying the key positions within the typical NAHAD distribution company, by title, with sample Job Task Descriptions for each. 


Human Resources Policies & Recommendations 

Provided by Executive Consultant, Nancye Combs, AEP-SPHR, these resources were not created to replace the services of a competent legal advisor and are not specific to the laws of any specific state. Nancye Combs is NAHAD's endorsed Human Resources consultant and is a nationally respected authority on human resources and organizational management. For more information contact Nancye M. Combs, AEP•SPHR, ©HR Enterprise, Inc. • P.O. Box 6507 • Louisville, KY 40206-0507 • e-mail:

Paid Time Off Advisory
Personal Electronic Devices
Prevent Infectious Disease
Employee Handbook
Independent Contractor
Employee Handbook Issues
Compensation Planning For 2015
Time Management Advisory
The UnCoachable Advisory
How To Be Invaluable
Delegation Management Advisory
Harassment And Discrimination Prevention Training
Customer Service Advisory
32 Jobs In Distribution
Attendance Reward Plan
Bring Your Own Device Policy
Cost Effective Ways to Motivate Employees
Employment Application
HR Challenges Toolkit
On Boarding New Employee
Personal Telephone Policy
Self Appraisal Form
Sign On Bonus Agreement
Structured Interview - Outside Sales
Technology and Social Media Policy
Sexual Harassment - Me Too Q&A


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