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OPA APPE Student Rotation Profiles

The following links lead to profiles submitted by recent students on APPE rotations. Each profile explains how the student pharmacists became interested in pharmacy and why they chose OPA as a rotation site.

October 2019 OPA Extern Profile: Andy Myers

April 2019 Anna Crooker

March 2019 Heather Fogarty

February 2019 Vyishali Dharbhamalla

January 2019 R. Jed Swackhammer

November 2018 Zak Fettman

October 2018 Taylor Allen

September 2018 Jessica Ward

April 2018 Mackenzie Harrell

April 2018 Austin Hilverding

March 2018 Emily Carlson

February 2018 E. Michael Murphy

February 2018 Joshua Willoughby

January 2018 Wendy Lin

November 2017 Sam Martin

October 2017 Neal Fox

September 2017 Bailey (Hryczyk) Carpenter

April 2017 Abagail Agler

April 2017 Kristine Mason

March 2017 Courtney Wooten

March 2017 Nicole Clay

February 2017 Rebecca Lahrman

January 2017 Kay Bahrey

November 2016 Jordan Long

October 2016 Karla Peters

October 2016 Kelsey Kresser Schmuhl

September 2016 Katie Elsass

April 2016 Ashley Scherreik

April 2016 Jacob Schaurer

March 2016 Sarah Anderson

March 2016 R. Taylor Reed

February 2016 Jordan Nicholls

January 2016 Marissa Guillen

November 2015 Dana Bachmann

October 2015 Brandon Bourgeois

April 2015 Nick Manion

April 2015 Madhuri Somaraju

March 2015 (Victoria) Shea Pennington

March 2015 Ashley Bowden

February 2015 Nick Newman

January 2015 Andrew Faiella

January 2015 Hannah Fish


To visit prior OPA student profiles,  click here

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