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Prepare Your Organization

Guidelines to Keep in Mind Throughout the Planning Process


Prepare Your Organization: It’s important that your residents, clients, family members, staff , board and volunteers know about your visit and are willing to be a part of it. Here are some ways to include them in the events:

  • Residents/Clients: Choose a few residents/clients who reflect your organization’s diversity to speak about their experiences with your organization. Select individuals who can articulate their stories in a professional manner.

  • Family Members: Ask a family member who has a positive experience with your organization to share his or her story.

  • Staff Member: Invite a staff member to talk about the value of working at your organization. You may want to choose an employee who has taken part in professional development programs while working for you. 

If there are other LeadingAge members in the district, you may want to consider inviting them to co-sponsor the event. Co-sponsorship offers you the opportunity to share the responsibilities of planning the event and gives the member of Congress access to more constituents.



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