140th OFDA Annual Convention and Exhibition - Application for Exhibit Space

In accordance with the rules and regulations governing the Ohio Funeral Directors Exhibition in Columbus, Ohio, the undersigned hereby makes application for exhibit space and MUST enclose a check or credit card information for all or a minimum of 50% of the charges as deposit and partial payment thereof. Return the white copy along with payment to OFDA, 2501 North Star Road, Columbus, OH 43221. Contracts submitted without payment will be returned. You may complete application and payment online at ofdaonline.org. Refer to fee schedule in exhibitor brochure. Contract must be postmarked by Friday, January 31, 2020 to be included in the first wave of booth assignments. Exhibitors will be assigned space in accordance with the established cumulative point system. If we are unable to assign space in accordance with your preferences, an attempt will be made to assign comparable space in the same general location. Requests for deposit invoices will not be accepted.
ALL APPLICATIONS must be made on this form. Requests for space assignment by telephone will not be accepted.

Exhibit Space and Fee Schedule

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2020 Exhibit Floorplan Image
 Display SizePrice
 6’ Display Area$620 (example booth 21)
 6’ x 10’ Booth$700 (booths 17 & 30)
 8’ x 10’ Booth$820 (example booth 44)
 8’ x 11’ Booth$900 (booths 26 & 27)
 7’ x 14’ Booth$950 (booth 20)
 10’ x 10’ Booth$960 (booths 54, 64, 86, 89, 95)
 10’ x 11’ Booth$980 (booth 101)
 8’ x 14’ Booth$1,010 (booth 1)
 8’ x 15’ Booth$1,045 (booths 59, 69)
 10’ x 15’ Booth$1,300 (booth 55)
 8’ x 20’ Booth$1,340 (booth 48)
 10’ x 16’ Booth$1,340 (booths 50, 53, 82)
 15’ x 13’ Booth$1,670 (booths 3 & 4)
Please Note: Only one booth is allowed per exhibitor. Most exhibit areas are fully carpeted.
Please choose your Exhibit Space below:
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Booth 21-25, 32-42, 96, 97, & 99
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Exhibitor Information

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Please read and legibly complete this form (information above will be printed in the exhibitor guide). For further information, contact the Ohio Funeral Directors Association at (614) 486-5339 or (800) 589-6332. FAX (614) 486-5358.

Rules & Regulations Governing Exhibits

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