As one of the largest state associations for funeral directors in the nation, OFDA has become a conduit for promoting the funeral profession and a vital link to having a voice in the legislative process. 

The Ohio Funeral Directors Association Political Action Committee (OFDA PAC) is a key component of OFDA's state legislative lobbying efforts. A misconception about OFDA PAC is that member dues go toward funding the PAC. This is not accurate. OFDA PAC can only be successful if members make personal contributions directly to OFDA PAC.

If you would like to help your profession be represented, DONATE today!

Recent PAC initiatives 

  • Supported small business income tax cuts that could help many OFDA members
  • S.B. 61 – (Effective 10/15/2015) To restrict to whom a certified copy of a death certificate containing the decedent's social security number may be issued.
  • Updated laws impacting Ohio’s funeral profession
  • Worked with the ODH and the Legislature to successfully insert in H.B. 64 language that makes it clear that signatures on death certificates “may be filed and registered by photographic, electronic, or other means as prescribed by the director”

    OFDA PAC March Madness Group

    Get your brackets ready-Selection Sunday is just around the corner! OFDA PAC is once again going mad for March Madness, which means it is time to submit your bracket and make a $25 personal donation benefiting OFDA PAC. 

    To participate, follow these simple steps:

    • Click here to join the group
    • Submit bracket by Noon on Thursday, March 21 
    • Cost per entry is $25. Click here to complete the OFDA PAC March Madness Contribution Form and return via fax (614) 486-5358 or send it with your payment, postmarked by March 21.
    • Watch the games! Have fun!

    First Place Winner: 25% of total pool

    Second Place Winner: 15% of total pool

    Third Place Winner: 10% of total pool


    Earn points based on correct selections: each selection is worth a different point value depending upon the round. Points will automatically calculate by espn.com. A complete list of rules is available at espn.com

    Spread the word. Anyone can join the fun! More participants means a larger payout!