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The Future is NOW for Funeral Service

Chris Cruger
The Foresight Companies

Doug Gober
The Foresight Companies

The Foresight Companies Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Studies were a first of its kind study of consumers, not industry professionals. The studies identified consumer attitudes, across the United States providing visibility as to the perceptions and behaviors about the funeral and cemetery industry during three separate periods: prior to, during, and after the pandemic has passed.

The Foresight Companies used the findings from the study as a means of providing calm in a story and circulated the research using multiple mediums throughout the funeral and cemetery world as a resource to industry professions.

The comprehensive sample size of over 6,500 respondents (both studies combined), taken from a demographically representative nationwide sample, ensured a high degree of accuracy, with a margin of error of just +/-2%. This is a much more robust sample – by orders of magnitude – than is typical of studies in our industry

  1. The main take-aways from the initial study are:
  2. The data in no way suggests the death of the funeral and cemetery industry – It is quite to the contrary. 
  3. Change does not mean the end; it simply means it’s time to adapt and evolve
  4. We are going to present you with real data from a statistically accurate sampling of the US population
  5. The pandemic has fundamentally altered how the funeral industry will need to operate in the future if it hopes to succeed in the post pandemic world.

The most profound findings are around preneed, technology, physical attendance, and price transparency.

These areas of our industry have undergone a radical shift and the consumer is telling us that they do not, nor will not accept them going back to the way they used to be.

With these new trends, how do we embrace and implement these changes that are vital to your future business success. Chris and Doug will highlight the evolving consumer attitudes towards the funeral and cemetery market and the ways operators need to adapt in order to thrive as we emerge from the pandemic.

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