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Ohio ACEP Resolution Leads to tPA Policy Update

At the 2013 ACEP Council Meeting, Ohio ACEP introduced Resolution 32 to revisit ACEP’s clinical policy on the use of tPA in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Resolution 32 was adopted by Council, and in accordance with the Resolution, the ACEP Board of Directors instructed the ACEP Clinical Policies Committee to review the clinical policy, solicit input from ACEP membership during a 60-day open comment period, conduct an updated literature search, and, finally, provide a recommendation to the ACEP Board.

On June 10, the Committee voted in favor of recommending an immediate update of the tPA policy, which will be done by the Clinical Policies Committee. The recommendation was presented to the ACEP Board of Directors and approved on June 25, 2014.

Ohio ACEP was pleased to help open up debate on the controversial tPA policy. As the Clinical Policies Committee continues its work on updating the clinical policy, we will keep our members informed.

For more information on the review process, see ACEP Now’s article, “Recommendation to Update tPA Policy Approved by ACEP Board.”

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