SOBI Committee Application Form

Proposed Committee Name

Thank you for your interest in creating a new committee in SOBI . All new committees must be approved by the SOBI Board of Directors.
What is the purpose of the committee?
What is the committee composition: the minimum and maximum # of people, positions to be filled:
(an odd number of committee voting members is recommended)
What is the structure of the committee?
A chair person is required:
Other members
Their positions
Define the Chair’s leadership role, such as
Term in office
Management of the committee and its meetings
Serve as secretary or appoint a secretary
Communicate with the Board liaison, updating one another as needed
Define other positions and duties of the committee, such as:
Titles and responsibilities
Method for resignations, replacements, and/or removals:
Length of terms if needed
How often will the committee meet? If applicable, please list the required number of meetings per year.
What are the reporting requirements of the proposed committee? (e.g. taking and submission of minutes, etc.)
How will the committee make decisions? (voting requirements, quorum, etc.)
What is the relationship of this committee to the Board, other committees, and the Office.
Powers of the committee:
Duties of the committee
Requested committee budget (if any)
Committee resources: (please list)
How will the committee be dissolved / how will we know when it will achieve its mission/ stated goals?
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