Program Entrance & Renewal Fees

Member Fees

New Student Member $45
Student Renewal $65
Associate Member in Practitioner Training Program $110
Associate Member New & Renewal $125
Practitioner Renewal $165
Advanced Practitioner Renewal $170


Instructor Renewal Fees

Associate Instructor Renewal $200
Instructor Renewal $260
Associate Advanced Instructor Renewal $280
Advanced Instructor Renewal $300


Practitioner and Instructor Training Programs Application and Evolvement Fees

Practitioner Training Application $100
Advanced Practitioner Training Application $100
Instructor & Advanced Instructor Training Application $100
Practitioner Evolvement $150
Advanced Practitioner Evolvement $150
Instructor & Advanced Instructor Evolvement $150


International Membership, Evolvement and Training Programs Fees

New Student Member International $45
Student Renewal International $45
Associate Member in Practitioner Training Program International $72
Associate Member Renewal International $81
Practitioner Renewal International $107
Advanced Practitioner Renewal International $111
Associate Instructor Renewal International $130
Instructor Renewal International $169
Associate Advanced Instructor Renewal International $182
Advanced Instructor Renewal International $195
Practitioner Training Application International $100
Advanced Practitioner Training Application International $100
Instructor & Advanced Instructor Training Application International $100
Practitioner Evolvement International $150
Advanced Practitioner Evolvement International $150
Instructor & Advanced Instructor Evolvement International $150


Transcript Fees

Transcript services are available for our members. Please include:

  1. Contact Information for you and the organization the transcript will be sent
  2. Cover letter details - what needs to be included in the cover letter, name as you want it on your form
  3. Classes to include i.e., provide certificates, associate form, practitioner form, advanced practitioner form, etc. as appropriate
  4. Any other documentation required by the organization

PLEASE BE DETAILED so we can provide what you need.  You will be emailed a PDF of your transcript for your records, along with the date your transcript was mailed.

Transcript Fees

Student, Associate, or Practitioner $35
Instructor $50
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