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Ortho-Bionomy for the lumbar spineThe Society has developed and oversees professional training programs for Ortho-Bionomy® Practitioners, the Registered Practitioner Program and the Registered Advanced Practitioner Program. Both programs are designed to give students a thorough understanding of the principles and philosophy of Ortho-Bionomy in addition to providing extensive hands-on experience in both classes and supervised practice.

Trainees choose an Instructor as an advisor(s) during their training. The advisor(s) assists the student while they complete their curriculum through one-on-one discussions, feedback and evaluation sessions.

Unlike a school setting, trainees choose the pace they wish to complete a program. They can complete the program in a short time, or slowly complete the training over years. They can take their classes in a variety of locations and with a variety of Registered Instructors. A 16-unit or weekend class cost ranges from $250 - $400, depending on the costs to host a class in that location. Visit the Class Page for an up-to-date listing of Ortho-Bionomy classes currently scheduled.


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Testimonials for Training Programs

“After successfully recovering from a car accident with Ortho-Bionomy, I knew I needed to know more about Ortho-Bionomy, both for my own self care, and to support my bodywork clients. I began taking classes and was hooked. The blend of demonstration, hands on practice and handouts made the learning process easier for me. I am now an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner and have transitioned my practice from Massage Therapy to almost exclusively Ortho-Bionomy. By working with my clients instead of “fixing” them, they seem to recover faster and stay well, even from issues that had been chronic. And, in a challenging economy, my client book has remained full.” - D.S.