Online SOBI Sponsored Study Groups

Ortho-BionomyThe Society of Ortho-Bionomy Int'l sponsors monthly Online Study Groups. They are primarily in a conference call format and are taught by various Registered Ortho-Bionomy Instructors via Zoom.

Our Study Groups cover a variety of topics and also count towards the study group requirements in the Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Training Programs.

The receipt received upon registration will have a link to download the handout, any preview materials and the Zoom link. Be sure you have these materials available before you login to the study group. 

There is a limit to class size, so be sure to register early.

After a group finishes, all attendees will be emailed an evaluation form for that session. To receive study group credit attendees will need to fill out and submit the evaluation form within two weeks of the study group.

The Study Groups are a full three hours, with no credit given for homework time.

Out of respect for the Instructor and the other students please be on time for the study group.

Phase 7 Review


Intro to Life Mastery

with SOBI Advanced Instructor Rouel Cazanjian

December 15, 2022

6:00 PM Eastern,  5:00 PM Central,  4:00 PM Mountain,  3:00 PM Pacific (US and Canada)

Three-hour online study group

SOBI member $45; non-member $55

We will review the steps of Phase 7 as taught by Arthur Pauls, D.O., with some extra steps and refinements I added. Previous training with Phase 7 is not a requirement, but if you haven’t taken a Phase 7 class, please connect with a colleague and experience this amazing work.

I will also introduce you to a work I developed called Life Mastery, which is the only program in the world that uses the principles of Phase 7 to achieve psychological wellbeing, happiness, and success. We will “harvest” the steps of Phase 7, one at a time, to see how they show up in our lives and how practicing them can make our lives better.

The homework BEFORE CLASS will be to read my 21-page comprehensive outline (handout available to download after registering), do at least one Phase 7 session for 5-10 minutes, and practice at least three of the twelve exercises in the Life Mastery Exercises section for 2-5 minutes each. 3 hours of Study Group credit will be provided by SOBI upon completion of the Study Group.

Your facilitator:

Rouel Pic

Rouel Cazanjian,
M.A., LMFT, CMT, SEP is a registered Advanced Instructor and Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy®, a licensed psychotherapist, a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and a certified Biodynamic Therapist. He has over 30 years of experience teaching and working with clients. He also has extensive experience with Buddhist principles, mindfulness, meditation, hypnosis and many movement therapies.




The link for the handout, which includes the Zoom link for the study group, is available after you register and will be located on your emailed receipt.

Please see the list below for upcoming online study groups.


Scheduled Study Groups in 2022 and 2023
Instructor Date Topic
Jim Berns 12-Jan Circle Theory
Bruce Stark 16-Feb Deep Dive into the Knee
Richard Valasek 16-March The Phases: Redefining what it means to be a Body
Susan Smith 20-Apr Endocrine Glands and Hormones
Lynne Marotta/Melissa Malm 18-May SOBI Trademark Policy
Peggy Scott 15-Jun Reflex-O-B a blend of O-B and Foot Reflexology
Ann  Hoeffel 20-Jul Significance of Chapman’s Reflexes: Why It’s Wise to Always Check for Congestion


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