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SOBI Contact Information:

Society of Ortho-Bionomy International
PO Box 40937 Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317-207-0739

Office hours: 

Tuesday, 1pm-6pm and Thursday, 9am-3pm
(Voice messages & email will be checked regularly during the week). 

Keri Brown
Office Administrator
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Ian Jorgensen
Office Assistant
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Board of Directors

  • Cathy Krenicky - President 
  • Lynne Marotta – Vice-President
  • Melissa Malm – Secretary
  • Erin Long - Treasurer Liaison
  • Jacqueline Davis - Member at Large
  • Laura Holton - Member at Large
  • Laura Samel - Member at Large

Board of Directors

Three year term, with the ability to serve two terms or six years in succession. Associate Members and above are eligible to be nominated for the board, with nominations happening in the spring and voting occurring in the summer. Term begins October 1st. The  Board Officers are President, Vice President, and Secretary. 

Board of Directors Application

Nomination Form

Standing Committees

Evolvement committees meet quarterly to review student submissions for appointment to Registered Practitioners and Registered instructors.

March 15, June 15, Sept 15, Dec 15

Practitioner Review Committee (PRC)

Term begins Sept 1st: 3 years commitment. Reviews Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Training Programs. Eligible members  Advanced Practitioners and Instructors of any level.

Committee Application

Instructor Review Committee (IRC)

Term begins Sept 1st: 4 year commitment -1-year alternate, 3 year active. Reviews All Levels of Instructor Training Programs through Advanced Instructor. Eligible members are Instructors with at least three years of experience. There should be at least one Advanced Instructor on the IRC at all times.

Committee Application

Curriculum Review Committee (CRC)

3-year term. Eligible Members: Advanced Practitioners, Instructors. Training programs, continuing education and changes/questions/evolvement of Ortho-Bionomy coursework and training curriculum. Members: Sheri Covey, Carole Poffinbarger, Luann Overmyer, Jim Berns, Kalpesh Patel.

Committee Application

All Other Committees

2023 Conference Committee is now active. Contact Renee Schneider if you would like to participate.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee -  Exploring how SOBI can embody the liberatory impulse within Ortho-Bionomy principles and connect to our innate health and self-righting reflexes. Contact:

Marketing and Outreach Committee - Please contact the office if you would like to share your ideas about making Ortho-Bionomy a household name. 

Research Committee - This committee finding ways to utilize case studies already acquired as well as setting parameters and guidelines for future research projects. Board Liaison Erin Long

Communication Committee - The Committee for International Communication and Connection is a special committee established to increase communication and awareness of offerings available within all the international Societies for Ortho-Bionomy and to explore the possibility of reciprocity for elective classes.
The committee may meet through digital means to accommodate all members time zones and language proficiencies. The communications shall be made as necessary and according to the needs of the members involved. Communications should be scheduled in advance to accommodate all members.

* If you would like to create a committee that you believe would benefit the Society and it's mission please fill out and submit the form below.

Committee Application Form

Newsletter Staff

Joan Weisberg Editor

Lynne Marotta Board Liaison 

Jackie Davis board Liaison

Send all submissions for publication and advertising to

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