Carol Vecchio - Bio

Carol Vecchio, a Career Counselor for over 30 years, founded the Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal in 1992. Her pioneering programs have positively impacted thousands upon thousands of people — many who couldn’t pinpoint their need at the time, but are now designing and living lives they love. Carol crafted the “Natural Cycles of Change,” which is the foundation for her newly published book, “The Time Between Dreams” as well as the guiding force for many of the Discovery Groups at the Center.

Carol’s expertise as a Life Design and Career Counselor and passion for mentoring others to design lives they love earned her the 2010 National Career Development Association Outstanding Career Practitioner Award. In addition to her book she has contributed to many articles/blogs, is a sought-after speaker to audiences of all sizes both nationally and internationally, and hosts her own radio show.

She is the 2013-16 NCDA Trustee for Agency, Business and Industry, and Private Career Counselors and Specialists. Despite her many accolades, of which the mentions above are just a few, Carol remains down-to-earth, full of wit, and passionate about connecting and helping those facing transitional challenges.

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