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NCDA presents up to three webinars each year on topics of deep significance to members and those involved in the field of career development. Please note dates of up-coming webinars (listed first) and follow the link for additional information and to register for the event. Webinars without dates are previously recorded and available for viewing anytime, at your convenience.

Earn Continuing Education Credits by watching previously presented NCDA Webinars.  Each are $35 and include 1 contact hour.  Simply view the webinar and register online to obtain your certificate.

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US Department of Labor Open & Free Online Resources for Career Advisors

November 5, 2019

Brain Based Career Development (BBCD): The Neuroscience Coaching Approach That Helps Clients Take Action

Presented by: Imants Jaunarajs, Jodi Pavol, Zach McGrain and Marcquis Parham

Working with Third Party Providers to Support International Students’ Career Development

Presented by: Kendra Northington, Kwan Segal, Elif Balin, Nicole Anderson, and Sonia Liang

Helping Clients Cope with Bias During the Job Search Process

Presented by Lakeisha Mathews

Assessing and Addressing the Career Development Needs of Military Service Members and Veterans

Presented by Dr. Seth C.W. Hayden

Career Exploration & Search for the LGBTQI Community

Presented by John Long and Christian Chan

Ethical Decision Making: Putting Ethics into Practice

Presented by: Keley Smith-Keller, Ed.D.

Using Career Development to Transform a School’s Culture

Presented by: Dr. Cal Crow

Maximize Your Strengths to Thrive in Your Professional Life

Presented by Cori Shaff

How to Start and Grow your Business in the Career Consulting Industry

Presented by Michelle Carroll and Mark Danaher

Best Practices Working with International Students

Group Career Counseling: Principles and Practices

Presented by Dr. Richard Pyle

Designing and Delivering Effective Career Services: The marriage of critical ingredients and theory-based approaches

-- presented by Janet Lenz

Preparing College Students with Disabilities for Life After College: Take a Second Look at “Career Readiness”

-- presented by Malka Edelman

Reframing Career to Care

-- presented by Edward Colozzi

Blogging Strategies for Career Services Practitioners

-- presented by Melissa Venable

NCDA Code of Ethics - 2014 Revision and Case Studies

-- presented by David Reile, Keley Smith-Keller and Julia Panke Makela.

Renewing the Emphasis on Career Development In K-12 Education

-- presented by Rebecca Dedmond and Paul Nichols.

NCDA 2012 Conference Closing Plenary: Laying the Foundation for Career Dreams

Winnowing Career Assessments in the Information Age: Career Assessment Instruments, the Internet, Social Justice, and Professionally Conscientious Practice

Presented by Dr. Chris Wood