CDF Advisory Council - Dr. Constance J. Pritchard

Dr. Constance J. Pritchard, President, The Pritchard Group

The Pritchard Group has been delivering career management and organizational development services since 1993.   Our clients respect and value the quality and customization which we provide.   The majority of our clients have been consistently hired us for 15-20+ years


Dr. Pritchard delivered training across the country on numerous career related topics, including, resume development, case management, leadership and management, and frontline customer service.  


Dr. Pritchard’s work in career services began in a university setting in the middle 1980s.   During her years at the university, she managed the academic advising as well as the career and employment functions.   Programs she designed and implemented were accorded national recognition.   She has taught career courses to graduates and undergraduates. 


Dr. Pritchard left higher education to begin her entrepreneurial career by founding an organizational development training and consulting business.  The Pritchard Group, which is now in its 22nd year of business, works with national and international clients in every business sector.  Representative clients include British Nuclear Fuels, Westinghouse, Smith International, Verizon Wireless, DSM Chemical Co., Velux International, Kimberly Clark, Bridgestone Firestone; a variety of companies in healthcare, finance, and other technology areas, as well as state, local, and federal governmental agencies including US Department of Energy, Department of Labor, US Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Office, and US Army Corp of Engineers.   Dr. Pritchard also provides executive search assistance to business as well as coaching individual career and executive clients. 


Dr. Pritchard has keynoted for businesses and professional organizations, including conferences in workforce development and career management, as well as other industries.   Her work is customized and recognized for high quality and highly engaging and interactive training. 


Dr. Pritchard’s doctoral dissertation was ground breaking research and explored hiring practices of small businesses.  It was recognized as such by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.   Her doctoral studies included a cognate in career management. 


Dr. Pritchard has worked for the Department of Justice in delivering training to law enforcement individuals and is a trainer with NIC’s Offender Workforce Development Specialist program.   Previously, she was a college teacher in a women’s prison. 


Dr. Pritchard currently provides Career Development Facilitator training to a wide variety of professionals including secondary and post secondary professionals, corrections professionals (individuals working in prisons and other similar facilities), private practice career coaches, and workforce development professionals (individuals working in state funded employment facilities).    She has been utilizing e learning technology for over 7 years, and has trained about 500 CDFs through hybrid courses.  She has delivered the CDF course nationally and internationally including clients in Peru, China, Taiwan, Russia, Micro-Asia, Malaysia, and Japan. 


A partial listing of some The Pritchard Group’s clients for Career Development Facilitator Training and CDF Instructor training can be found at http://pinterest.com/cjpritchard/career-development-facilitator-training/


Dr. Pritchard’s related experience includes workforce and workforce training experience, national and international career development facilitator and career development facilitator instructor training, presenter at NCDA Global and Career Practitioner conferences,  and Career Development Facilitator column editor for NCDA’S Career Development Magazine.



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