Behind the Scenes with the NCDA Publications Development Council

by Sally Gelardin

History and Inter-Committee Collaboration

The PDC was formerly a part of a NCDA Media Committee that overviewed all media. However, with the increase of electronic media, a separate Publication Development Council was set up in 2003, so it could concentrate on providing written literature that meets membership needs, at the same time increasing revenue. Aware of the huge amount of career literature available, the PDC works closely with related committees to identify current professional material of high quality.

To determine what categories of literature to publish or resell, the PDC has taken keen interest in the results of the 2004 Membership Survey initiated by the Professional Development Committee. Respondents' priorities were the following: (a) career assessment, (b) technology, (c) facilitation techniques, (d) setting up an independent practice, and (e) marketing. Therefore, books and monographs on these subjects will be actively sought by the PDC. Just because a book does not focus on these priority areas does not mean it will not be considered for publication or sales by NCDA.

If you have written a book or articles that you believe would be of value to NCDA readers, or would like to propose a book for NCDA publication, then you are welcome to join the Publications Development Council for an informational get-together at the NCDA 2005 Conference on Thursday, June 23, from 4 to 5:30 pm at in Orlando.

Council Process

Council members meet twice a year, at the NCDA Conference and one other time at the NCDA administrative headquarters in Oklahoma. All members of the Council have a background in writing, editing, publishing and/or reviewing professional career literature. Additional reviewers are selected based on background and interest. The Council currently has five members, assisted by seven additional reviewers to evaluate product submittals. Guidelines for selecting products for NCDA distribution are posted on the NCDA website under the Career Resource Store link. All publications, both NCDA initiated, and those submitted by authors and publishers, are evaluated by at least two or three reviewers.

Publications are chosen on the basis of the following criteria:

      1. Does the material align with the mission, goals, image and purpose of NCDA?


      2. Would you purchase this material yourself or recommend it to others, such as students, counselors, teachers, parents, career practitioners, librarians, counselor educators, career development facilitators, coaches or others?


      3. Does the material address the needs of the audience for which it is intended?


      4. Is packaging attractive?


      5. Is pricing attractive?


      6. Is the material current?


      7. Does the material add a new perspective to the subject?


      8. Does the material show quality in terms of style, ease of understanding/use, structure and appeal?


      9. Do you see any elements in the product that would preclude NCDA from publishing the materials?


      10. Do you know of additional books on the subject matter that NCDA should consider reselling?


    11. In conclusion, please provide a score of 1 (low) to 5 (high) that describes your opinion as to whether NCDA should resell the materials.

Publications included in the Author/Publisher Submission Form cover a wide range of career competencies. They may be addressed to all levels of education, non-profit, government, business/industry and private practice. The media that is evaluated by the PDC covers print, DVD, CD-ROM, and videotape.

The following information is available online under the NCDA">Career Resource Store : NCDA Career Resource Products; the Product Catalog is sent to all NCDA members and is also available at ACA and NCDA annual conferences; Product Order forms are online or send in orders to NCDA headquarters; Guidelines for Selecting Products and Procedures for Submitting Product Proposals.

For further information, or if you have any suggestions or comments on NCDA publications, please contact: Judy Ettinger, PDC Chair, jettinger@education.wisc.edu, or Mary Ann Powell, PDC Administrative Liaison, mpowell@ncda.org.

Sally Gelardin, Ed.D. International and Multicultural Education, is a career educator and counselor. She teaches the CDF curriculum and designed the first online course approved by the Center for Credentialing and Education for CDF CEUs. Contact: 415.312.4294 or email: lifeworks@gelardin.net.