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The National Career Development Association annual Awards Luncheon was held Saturday, July 7, 2007 in Seattle, Washington. After a brief Introduction by Y. Barry Chung, NCDA President, and Welcoming Comments from Dr. Terry Bergeson, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Washington, the following numerous and deserving award winners were announced.

First and foremost, the EMINENT CAREER AWARD This award is given for outstanding service to career development over a lifetime. It is considered NCDA's highest honor.

2007 Eminent Career Winner: Spencer Niles
Dr. Spencer G. Niles is the Department Head and Professor of Counselor Education, Counseling Psychology, and Rehabilitation Services at The Pennsylvania State University. Niles has held many leadership positions in NCDA including President (2004-05), North Atlantic Region Trustee (2005-06), and CDQ Editor (1991-98), and is serving as the Chair on the new Public Policy and Career Development Council and Acting President of the Pennsylvania Career Development Association.

Niles has been honored as an NCDA Fellow (2002) and ACA Fellow (2007) and was recently selected as the Incoming Editor for the Journal of Counseling and Development (JCD) by ACA. He is also the recipient of the ACA Extended Research Award (2004), ACA's David Brooks Distinguished Mentor Award (2003), Noted Scholar Award, University of British Columbia (2001), and Sesquicentennial Award, University of Virginia (1990).

Niles is a seasoned published author and co-author of several monographs, book chapters, Websites and most notably as co-author of Career Flow: Constructing Careers in the 21st Century (Merrill Prentice Hall), Introduction to Counseling: Joining the Profession (Lahaska Press), Career Planning (AGS Publishing), Career Development Assessment and Counseling (American Counseling Association) and Introduction to Career Development Interventions for the 21st Century (Merrill Prentice Hall). He is the sole author of NCDA's Adult Career Development: Concepts, Models, and Practices, and co-author of NCDA's The Career Counseling Casebook: A Resource for Students, Practitioners, and Counselor Educators.

"Dr. Niles has established a well-respected reputation as a researcher, writer, conference presenter and mentor on an international level," states Norman Amundson, Professor and colleague from the University of British Columbia. JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey, Past NCDA President and Past Eminent Career Award Recipient, states, "Spencer is a student of all career development theories and has the capability to weave together his knowledge derived from both theory and research to define and describe practical interventions that produce desired outcomes." Others have described, "Skip" as a consummate professional, encouraging colleague, and genuinely nice person. Edwin Herr, the lead nominator of Niles, sums it up best by stating, "I can't think of a more deserving candidate for this prestigious honor."


HOST STATE AWARDS - These awards are given to host state associations that provided assistance in the planning of the NCDA Conference. The 2007 winners are:

Washington Career Development Association

Puget Sound Career Development Association


STATE DIVISION AWARDS -This recognition is for exemplary programming at the state division level.

North Atlantic Region:
Connecticut Career Development Association

Southern Region:
Maryland Career Development Association

Midwestern Region:
Minnesota Career Development Association

Western Region:
Colorado Career Development Association


PRESIDENTIAL RECOGNITION AWARDS - The presidential recognition awards are awarded by the President of NCDA for those who were instrumental to the success of the association during the president's term. This year's recipients are:

David Reile - As NCDA Ethics Committee Chair, David exemplifies excellent leadership in the revision of the NCDA ethics code. As NCDA's membership has become much more diverse in work settings/functions and training backgrounds, this revision process took on new challenges. The resulting new code integrates the ethical principles of the American Counseling Association and NCDA, and addresses common and unique ethical issues facing various kinds of career professionals and paraprofessionals. This new code will play a significant role in helping NCDA serve the needs of all of its members.

Melanie Reinersman - Melanie has been Editor for the NCDA website and online magazine Career Convergence since 2002. She is one of the most professional and conscientious editors one may ever know. Under her editorship, the new NCDA website provides an attractive, organized, and user friendly interface for NCDA members and non-members, and is always up-to-date. Career Convergence has become a huge success, with high hit rates and impact, and provides useful resources for career practitioners. Melanie also succeeds in producing monthly publications on time, with excellent quality of articles--a task that is more than challenging.

Edward Colozzi - As NCDA Membership Committee Chair, Ed's tireless efforts and innovative ideas have contributed to great success in membership recruitment, retention, and connection among career professionals worldwide. His visions of Each One Reach One Campaign, New Member recruitment, and other initiatives help vitalize membership development of NCDA. Furthermore, his leadership with the NCDA Teleconferences in the past few years makes it possible for members and non-members worldwide to participate in the NCDA conference and tie it to their local training.

Deneen Pennington - As Executive Director of NCDA, Deneen has helped to advance NCDA to a whole new level of professionalism, with global impact on professional standards, scholarship, practice, training, advocacy, and professional community. Under the leadership of Deneen, the NCDA Headquarters provide services at the highest professional level. Deneen always goes far beyond her call for duty to assist the President, Board of Directors, and all committees and task forces to accomplish the mission of NCDA and its many initiatives, and to provide resources for members and non-members. Her knowledge and expertise have become the backbone for the NCDA leadership that undergoes annual changes.

OUTSTANDING CAREER PRACTITIONER AWARD - This award is designed to recognize practicing career counselors, consultants, or teachers for outstanding performance in day-to-day service for people in the following areas:



  • Years of service in direct work with people in regards to career development in education, business and industry, and/or private practice
  • Quality of service as indicated by innovative programs, recognition by local organizations, publications and the like
  • Service to the profession as indicated by participation and leadership in professional associations at the local, state, and/or national levels.

James Peacock - Jim Peacock, a Career Counselor and Academic Advisor for Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield, Maine, Past-President of the Maine Career Development Association, and a nationally certified CDF trainer, has over 20 years of experience in the field of career development in education, business and industry, and private practice. He has been instrumental in the recent revitalization of the MCDA, substantially increasing membership and professional offerings. Letters of recommendation stated, "Jim is Mr. Career Development in Maine. His work and leadership has had an impact on virtually every facet of the career development field in our state." Those sentiments are echoed by the Governing Board of the MCDA as they write, "we fully recognize and appreciate his enthusiasm, skills and insights in the field of career development."


MERIT AWARDS - To recognize significant contributions to the field of career development, each of the following areas will be rated:

  • Education and mentoring of career counseling students;
  • Development of, or leadership in, exemplary career programs;
  • Conduct significant research in the field; and
  • Advocacy efforts to inform and persuade policy makers about career development.

Robert Chope is Chair of the Department of Counseling at San Francisco State University. During his tenure at SFSU, he founded 1 of 2 accredited programs in the country and has guided more than 500 graduate students as well as teaching various undergraduate courses. Dr. Chope pioneered designated clinical sections exclusively for his career counseling students, and set up all career counseling internships with various colleges and non-profit organizations. Founding the Career and Personal Development Institute (CPDI) in 1979, this collaborative career counseling practice provides a place for individual practitioners to set up and develop their own private practice serving 22 professionals and thousands of clients. As project director of the Bay Area Homelessness Project he supervises the Roving Resume Writers, a student program working at various local shelters. Robert has engaged in significant research, written numerous books, articles and chapters, edited various journals and given numerous professional presentations and is a member and leader in various professional organizations. Always the advocate for our field, he has lobbied on behalf of professional counselors and speaks often with various media sources. One colleague states, "Bob has been a leader in the field; as an educator and mentor, through his research and as an advocate for our profession. He has given and continues to give to the field of career counseling."

Judy Ettinger is currently the Project Director for the Center of Education and Work (CEW) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has over 30 years experience in the career development field. She is also a certified Master Trainer for the Career Development Facilitator Program and a trainer for the National Institute of Corrections Offender Workforce Development Program. Dr. Ettinger is the current chair of the NCDA Publications Development Council and has helped expand the quality and quantity of work available to members. As the author of various books, articles, funding proposals, training guides and manuals, she has "made significant contributions to career development literature, and her leadership has informed policy makers nationally and in many states about career development." Judy has worked with various government agencies and departments, "she exemplifies and promotes excellence at the national, state and local level with a wide range of outreach and scholarly endeavors. She is a role model for scholars and professional alike."


RESEARCH AWARDS - Each year, NCDA presents research grants to graduate students who are conducting research in the area of career development. In addition, NCDA presents the Career Development Quarterly Outstanding Research Award to a deserving author(s). The grants are funded through tremendous sponsorship donations. Applications received a blind review by members of the NCDA Research Committee. These awards have been established to honor graduate students who undertake exemplary research addressing topics related to career information, career development, and career planning. Relevance, significance, and research design were given primary attention in determining the award recipients. [NCDA and ACT sponsor the Research Grants and the Editors of the Career Counseling Casebook donated their royalties to support an additional grant (Pope, Goodman and Niles). Mentor grant donors for this year are Frank Karpati (honoring Edwin Herr) and Creative Management Alliance (in memory of Louise Vetter). Thank you to all of the sponsors of these special awards.]

Amy S. Cammack, The Pennsylvania State University,$500 NCDA Graduate Student Award; Research: An Examination of the Career Situations of Play It Smart Participants

Allison B. Ventura, Fordham University, $250 Mentor Grant; Research: Development and Initial Score Validation of the Perceptions of Academic Achievement Barriers and Supports Scale (PAABS) Proposal

Femina P. Varghes, Texas Tech University, $250 Mentor Grant; Research: Factors that Affect Employability of Soon-to-be-Released Prisoners

Brandy M. Eldridge, Colorado State University, $250 Grant Donated by the Editors of the Career Counseling Casebook; Research: Development and Psychometric Evaluation of a College Student Version of the Calling and Vocational Questionnaire



Jean-Luc Bernaud, Jean-Philippe Gaudron, and Claude Lemoine
$1000 Award; Title:Effects of Career Counseling on French Adults: An Experimental Study (March, 2006)


ACT-NCDA GRADUATE STUDENT RESEARCH GRANT- $500 The ACT-NCDA Graduate Student Research Grant is to support graduate student travel to the NCDA conference to present the results of student initiated research. NCDA is grateful to ACT for sponsoring this award.

Jared French, Trinity Western University
Research: Life Calling and Vocation: A Qualitative Examination Among University Students


CAREER CONVERGENCE RECOGNITION AWARDS - This award is designed to recognize an author's contribution of an article published in the NCDA web magazine, Career Convergence. In this inaugural year of the award, two awards are given.

Article Receiving Highest Hit Rates by a Graduate Student:
Facebook: Put your Best Face Forward!
Martina Sternberg and Marie A. Soto

First Career Convergence Article ever Published:
Career Counseling Specialty: Out with the Old and Bring In the New!
Peter Manzi


NCDA INTERNATIONAL AWARD - The NCDA International Award was presented to Dr. Dale S. Furbish of the Auckland University of Technology. This award is given in recognition of her contributions to career counseling training and policy development in New Zealand.


NCDA FELLOWS- A Fellow is a person of professional distinction within an academic institution or society. Fellow is conferred to recognize outstanding and substantial contributions in science, teaching and training, practice, service, policy development, and political action. It is considered an honor to be awarded this distinction.

In 2007, one recipient was awarded the Fellow designation:
Itamar Gati, Hebrew University


JOANN HARRIS-BOWLSBEY AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE FIELD OF TECHNOLOGY IN CAREER DEVELOPMENT - The Board of the Career Development Leadership Alliance(CDLA) created this Award to recognize an individual or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the field of career development in the area of technology and/or curriculum development. CDLA's board voted to name this award in honor of Dr. JoAnn Harris- Bowlsbey as a tribute to her landmark achievements within these areas of career development. Nominees for the award may be submitted to CDLA in care of the executive director, Dr. Barbara H. Suddarth (BarbaraHS@Hotmail.com).

The 2007 winner is Michael Ballard of Turning Points of Denver, CO. Turning Points Career Navigator is a career development tool for use in groups or with individual clients. It includes over forty different activities to help clients explore their inner selves, discover what is important in their lives, generate a statement of meaning and purpose, and then plan how to make those goals manifest in the world. Turning Points was founded in the early 1980's by Phoebe and Jack Ballard who were interested in assisting their friends and contemporaries in maximizingquality of life during their retirement years. In 2003, after numerous requests for a distance learningcurriculum, the Ballard's turned to their son for his technical expertise. Mike Ballard is now the CEO of Turning Points. He has expanded the original concepts of the system to include career and general transition management.

Paraphrasing the nomination letter sent to CDLA, Mike Ballard's creativity, resourcefulness, and expertise are a tribute to the original vision of Turning Points. He has taken diverse theories, practice, and tools and merged them into a system that can be tremendously useful to career practitioners. It provides online tools based on a narrative model, celebrates the uniqueness of each individual, and provides counselors with specific activities and resources to assure their success in engaging clients.

For his dedication to and excellence in the fields of technology and curriculum development, the Career Development Leadership Alliance is pleased to present Mike Ballard with its 2007 Bowlsbey Award.

Nominations for the 2008 NCDA Awards will be accepted through April 2008. Click here for details about each award. The nomination form will be posted in January 2008. Winners will be announced at the annual conference in July 2008.

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