May 11, 2011

NCDA Board of Directors
May Board Conference Call
Wednesday, May 11, 2011
12:00 Noon Eastern
Minutes – Respectfully Submitted by Lisa Severy
12:00 pm: Meeting Called to Order (Butler)
Roll Call (Severy) Attending: President Cheri Butler, President-Elect Deb Osborn, Past President Pat Schwallie-Giddis, Western Trustee Michelle Beese, Treasurer Marsha Boettger,
Southern Trustee Ron Cathey, Midwest Trustee Brian Taber, North Atlantic Trustee Mark Danaher, Secretary Lisa Severy, Executive Director Deneen Pennington, Governing Council Rep Spencer Niles, and Trustee-at-large David Blustein. Absent: Trustee-at-large Rebecca Dedmond

Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting (Severy) – See Handout
Motion to approve March 2011 minutes made by Marsha Boettger, seconded by Mark Danaher,
Motion Carried

Approval of the Agenda (Butler)
Motion to approve agenda made by Skip Niles, seconded by Ron Cathey, Motion Carried

Membership Report (Pennington) – See Handout
Deneen will send April report via email.
Treasurer’s Report (Boettger) – See Handout
Half-way through fiscal year. Most line items on track given previous history.
Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report made by Deb Osborn, seconded by Michelle Beese,
Motion Carried

Audit Report (Boettger) – See Handout
Will be presented at conference in general meeting. No problems or concerns with finances.
Auditors again recommended a full-time CPA and more sophisticated online financial system,
but we’re not financially able to do that at this time. Given that there are no problems with the
current set-up, the auditors understood.
Motion to approve Audit Report made by Ron Cathey, seconded by Skip Niles, Motion Carried

1. Membership 5,000 Goal Update (Pennington) Only 238 more needed to reach goal!!

2. Harris Poll Update (Pennington) Data collection has been completed (1,000 phone
participants). PowerPoint with results will be forwarded to Cheri in the next few weeks.
Need to choose White Paper author and plan for distributing results. Deb nominated
Skip. Skip would be willing to co-author depending on timeline. Goal is to have it out
by the fall. Cheri and Skip will talk more about who to invite to co-author. Marsha also
recommended an Executive Summary.

3. Update on 2011 Conference Plans (Butler) Hotel is now full. Two other conference
hotels are still available. Today is early deadline. Current registration is 626. Exhibit
Hall only has five spaces left.
a. First Timers’ Session- New this year (as is Closing Plenary, which will include
transfer of gavel and Deb’s plan).
b. State Leadership Training- Mentoring Chair will speak during the event.
c. Leadership Academy- Participants will present projects.
d. Annual Meeting- Pat Schwallie-Giddis will introduce slate of candidates.
e. General Sessions (One each Thursday, Friday, Saturday) Plenary session in
response to participant/member feedback.
f. Also have both Tech Lab and Creativity Lab. The Tech Lab has a sponsor!
Action Item: Regional Trustees: Outstanding State Division selections needed by
the end of the month so that Deneen can order plaques.

4. Update on DOWD Conference/Collaboration (Pennington) Event may continue in a
different form, but NCDA will no longer be a sponsor. There is too much financial risk
given the lack of funding for this event.

5. Committee Chair Update (Butler and Osborn) Chris Briddick has agreed to chair the
Professional Development committee. Final session will be recorded as will a last
webinar later in the summer or in the fall. Also need someone for Diversity Committee.
Approached Tristana Harvey. She said she was interested, but can’t start until July 1,

6. Reciprocity Agreements with other CDAs (Butler) Cheri went to Career Development
Association of Australian (CDAA) conference and met with a number of leaders in the
field from that region. CDAA would like to propose some sort of agreement wherein
members in one group could register for conferences at reduced rates and access to online
resources. Ten have already registered for 2011 conference so it is probably too late to
change in this year.
Motion to Give CDAA members NCDA membership rate for 2012
conference registration in return for the same agreement for CDAA conference made by
Pat Schwallie-Giddis, David, Motion Carried
Action Item: Cheri and Deneen will write up formal reciprocity agreement.
In terms of publications, Cheri discussed the idea of offering CDAA a group
membership for access to those. Deneen reminded the group that if we created an
“association” membership, that would mean a bylaws change. Pat recommended tabling
this discussion until a further meeting (perhaps the fall retreat) so that Deneen can
research implications.

7. Sixth International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy (Niles)
Conference to be held in Hungary, December 5-7, 2011. There is a bit of a discrepancy
in who the conference planners invited and who NCDA voted to send when it came up in
San Francisco. It seems that Scott Solberg, Judy Hoppin, Skip Niles, Dennis Engels,
Joan Wills, and Martha Russell have been invited. NCDA identified Pat SchwallieGiddis,
Jane Goodman, Louis Soares, and Skip Niles. Not quite sure how to move
forward. No funding will be provided. Paper is required and due by September 17th,
2011, which is fairly extensive. Ron suggested reaching out to those who’ve been invited
to find out who actually intends to attend. Action Item: Deneen will ask. Board will
have an electronic vote once we’ve identified who wants to go. Might be nice to have a
group meeting of those going at the San Antonio conference.

8. Newest International Inquiry for CDF (Pennington) Deneen is talking with
administrators in Dubai who may be interested in adopting training. More to come!

9. Update on Peru (Butler) Four people have been invited from Peru to participate in the
conference in San Antonio: Luis Felipe Alvarado, Cecilia Montes Corazao, Jorge Arturo
Benites Robles and Yussef Sumar. The first three have confirmed and we’re still waiting
to hear from Yussef Sumar. Funding to be used to support their attendance is coming
from left over funds from the Peruvian donors last year.

10. Career Well Interview on Thursday (Pennington) Sally Gelardin invited Deneen to be
interviewed for Career Well. She will be focused on our new mission statement and how
we manifest each component. Listen at 1:00 pm EST!
Additional Topic: Melt Water - Deneen had overview of service which monitors media
attention for activity. She would like to set up a demo for the board. Deneen will send out
samples of what she’s seen so far. ACA has partnered with them already, so we should ask if we
need our own or not. Action Item: Deneen will set up a demo for mid-June.
1:09 pm: Motion to adjourn made by Pat Schwallie-Giddis, seconded by Marsha Boettger,
Motion Carried.

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