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Designing and Implementing Career Programs: A Handbook for Effective Practice

Author/Editor: James P. Sampson, Jr. PhD

Year: 2008

The purpose of this handbook is to stimulate discussion among senior managers, managers, practitioners, administrative staff, and stakeholders about the cost-effective design and delivery of career resources, service-delivery tools, and services for adolescents and adults in career centers and schools who have varying needs for assistance in making occupational, educational, training, and employment decisions. Monograph.

Topics include:

Career Services

  • Self-help, brief staff-assisted, individual case-managed, and distance delivery
  • Seven-step service delivery sequence
  • Four-step model for promoting effective use of assessment and information resources
  • Selecting, sequencing, and pacing the use of career resources

Service-Delivery Tools

  • Signage, maps, resource guides, diagnostic assessment, and individual learning plans

Career Resources

  • Career resource rooms, Internet Web sites, and information handouts

Program Evaluation Strategies
Five-step Model for Providing Accountability Data
Eight-step Implementation Model
Making Implementation a Success
Strategies for Adapting the Models Presented in the Handbook
Resources Available in the Appendices and Accompanying CD-ROM include:

  • Glossary of key terms
  • Staff training handout, "Key Elements in Designing and Implementing Career Resources and Services"
  • Template and example of a resource guide
  • Identifying potential career resources and services for resource guides
  • Resource guide worksheet
  • Individual learning plan
  • Example of a completed individual learning plan
  • Example of an information handout
  • Implementation checklist
  • Worksheet for managing implementation

PowerPoint presentations for staff training on the following topics are included: career services, service-delivery tools, career resources, evaluation and accountability, eight-step implementation model, and implementation success.

To view these PowerPoint presentations, visit the companion article in Career Convergence.

View Chapter 1 (PDF)

Designing and Implementing Career Programs - Table of Contents (PDF)

A book review is available online in NCDA's Career Convergence web magazine.



  • Assessment
  • Career Information Resources/Curriculum/Activities
  • Coaching/Consultation/Performance Improvement
  • Supervision
  • Ethical/Legal Issues
  • Research/Evaluation
  • Technology


Mfr#: ISBN: 978-1-885333-21-6

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