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A Counselor's Guide to Career Assessment Instruments

5th Edition

Author/Editor: Edited by Edwin A. Whitfield, Rich Feller, Chris Wood

Year: 2009

The Counselor’s Guide to Career Assessment Instruments is an essential resource for career development professionals.  Now in its 5th edition this seminal book includes contributions from key scholars and practitioners in the field, current reviews of both well established and new career assessments, and a cross-referencing resource to use for appropriately selected career assessments for specific individuals.  Updates from previous editions include website links and email contact information for publishers, expanded sources of information about testing and career information (including links to career assessment websites). The first seven chapters cover topics such as current trends in career assessment and competencies for administering/interpreting career assessment instruments. An updated chapter by James Sampson, et al. discusses innovative advancements and important considerations in evaluating computer based and online career assessment systems. 

The current edition features 55 reviews of 71 instruments and has additional information on nearly 300 other career assessments. Instruments are divided into five categories to facilitate location and selection of appropriate instruments by counselors, career development professionals, assessment specialists, and counselor educators. These categories are: aptitude/achievement and comprehensive or combined measures, interest and work values inventories, career development/maturity measures, personality assessments and special populations. Each review begins with publisher-provided information, provided by a brief critical critique of the instrument's strengths and limitations.

Preview the Counselors Guide Table of Contents online (including the Author Information, Foreword, and Acknowledgements).

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YouTube video of Dr. Rich Feller's Synopsis of A Counselor's Guide to Career Assessment Instruments, Fifth Edition.

NOTE: The 6th Edition of A Counselor's Guide is also available!



Category: Assessment
Work Settings: Business and Industry
Work Settings: Governmental
Work Settings: Independent/Private Practice
Work Settings: K-12 and Parents
Work Settings: Non-Profit
Work Settings: Post Secondary

Mfr#: ISBN: 978-1-885333-24-7

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