NCDA Member Awards Nomination Form

Nomination Guidelines for the NCDA Member Awards

The National Career Development Association (NCDA) Award Committee is now accepting electronic nominations for NCDA Member Awards.
For a complete list and description of all NCDA awards and past winners, go to the Awards webpage, under Membership.
The submission deadline is January 31st of each year. EXTENDED to FEBRUARY 29, 2024!
Any current NCDA member may nominate a current member and winners will be chosen by the Awards Committee, unless otherwise noted.
The Awards will be presented at the annual NCDA Global Career Development Conference.
Winners are encouraged to attend the conference. View conference details at
If you have already completed this nomination form and just need to submit references or upload supporting documents, please use the NCDA Reference Letter Form or upload supporting documents here.

Nomination Process:

To nominate a member:
First, submit this nomination form electronically for the specific award. This form requires a letter of nomination and a 50-word biographical paragraph about the nominee, or about the Organization, Program or Center. The photo (.jpg headshot) of the winner will be collected at a later date.
Second, two reference letters are required (no more, no less). As the nominator, include here the name/contact of the two people who will be writing letters. Then, instruct your reference writers to use the following online form to submit their letters: NCDA Reference Letter Form
Finally, go here to view instructions for uploading supporting nomination documents - you must first combine all materials into one PDF, as follows:
submit in one PDF the nominee’s resume or vita (four pages maximum) - for the following awards only:
 • Outstanding Career Practitioner
 • Fellow
 • Legislative
 • Merit
 • International Practitioner of the Year
 • Diversity Initiative.

submit in one PDF supporting documents or additional letters that indicate how the nominee group meets the award criteria. Specifically, the following awards for groups require information about the group’s mission, services, vision, goals, and/or strategic planning:
 • Service to International Students
 • Exemplary Career Center - Education, Government, and Business
 • Exemplary Career Center - Non-profit, Community Organizations

Tip: to create one PDF, combine all supporting documents into one WORD file, select File, Export, Create PDF. Alternatively, you can scan all the documents and save as one PDF.


2024 NCDA Award Nomination Form

Select Award Sought:
Nominee Information
Name of Member being nominated - or Name of Career Organization, Program or Center - being nominated:
NCDA Member Number, if known:
(Check with NCDA HQ if you don't know. At least one (1) member of the nominee group is required to be an NCDA member.)
Mailing Address:
Address Line 2
Name and contact information of Supervisor of Nominee or Program:
Hometown Newspaper information (for possible Press Release for winners):
Reference Information
Name of first reference:
Email of first reference:
Phone of first reference:
Name of second reference:
Email of second reference:
Phone of second reference:
Nominator Information
NCDA Member Number:
(Check with NCDA HQ if unknown.)
Mailing Address:
Address Line 2


Write a letter of nomination for the specific award for your nominee/group:
Write a 50-word biographical paragraph about the nominee/group:

Submission and Uploads

Next you will see a preview of your nomination, then you will hit "Submit" and wait for instructions to upload the one PDF with the required additional documents.

If you have questions about the upload process, please contact NCDA at or call (918) 663-7060 Mon.-Thurs. 8am-5pm Central Time.
Thank you for your active participation in NCDA and support of NCDA members.
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