Leadership Academy

Class of 2018

Audra Lavoie audrayanddolan@gmail.com
Scituate, RI

Bethany Mills bjbagley@uga.edu
Atlanta, GA

Emily Sawyer Kegerreis ekegerreis@gmail.com
Universal City, TX

Christian Chan cchan530@gwmail.gwu.edu
Chevy Chase, MD

Jenn Long jenn.long@colostate.edu
Catonsville, MD

Mason Murphy mmm210@txstate.edu
San Marcos, TX

Na Mi Bang namibang@gmail.com
Conway, AZ


Class Projects 

Engaging and Retaining Millenials in NCDA (Long) and Jenn Long Leard Addendum Leadership Academy 2018

The Experiences and Perspectives of Graduate Students (Bang)

Cultivating Leadership from Within (Kegerreis, Mills, Lavoie)

Credentialing International Applicants (Murphy)



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