President Obama's 9/8/11 Speech on Job Creation

NCDA's Response and the National Survey on Working America

Last night, President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to speak about job creation -- one of the most crucial elements to spurring the economy and getting America’s workforce back on track. With the nation’s unemployment rate consistently hovering above nine percent, it has become more important than ever for American citizens to utilize career counseling services that assist job-seekers to make conscious career choices, identify opportunities for learning value-added workforce skills, and find a career that will lead to job satisfaction and productivity.

The National Career Development Association recently commissioned a national survey, performed in conjunction with Harris Interactive, which assessed the perceptions of today’s workforce on the effectiveness of career specialists. The feedback from the survey is very clear: career practitioners are a vital resource for the livelihood of our nation’s workforce and are underutilized relative to their potential need. Click here to learn more about NCDA’s 2011 National Survey on Working America and how career counselors are on the front lines of addressing the nation’s job-related economic issues, and to find a "Dear Representative/Senator" letter you can send to your Members of Congress in support of career counseling programs. Please visit www.NCDA.org for additional resources.