January 2014 - Act Now!

Act now! Your elected Representative and Senators in Congress are in the process of determining appropriations for education, workforce and veterans programs, and they need to hear from you NOW! The two year budget that Congressman Ryan and Senator Murray proposed has been passed by the Senate and the House, and now the Appropriations Committees are working on appropriations for programs in career and technical education, elementary and secondary education, employment services, higher education, workforce development and veterans support.


Please take the time to communicate with your Representative and Senators and encourage them to provide funding for the programs that relate to your professional services. Let them know if reduced funding has limited your services or program, and let them know about your programs or services that are working, and that could be expanded with additional funding. E-mail is probably the best means of communication. If you need the name and contact information go to www.house.gov and www.senate.gov.


Let our Government Relations Committee know (enielcarey@aol.com) if you have questions, get a good response, or if we need to follow-up your contact. Thanks for your help!


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