Brian Hutchison, is an Associate Professor at New Jersey City University, and was formerly at the University of Missouri – Saint Louis. Dr. Hutchison is the President of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA), Treasurer of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), Past President of the Missouri Career Development Association (MoCDA), Editor of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association journal, and Associate Editor of the Journal of Humanistic Counseling. His scholarship can be broadly described as focused within two primary counseling domains, school counseling and career coaching/counseling. These broad themes are infused into three primary scholarship areas: international issues in career/ school counseling, career theory and practice integration, and counselor training/ education broadly defined.

Brian’s involvement in NCDA spans more than a decade. After graduating from the second NCDA Leadership Academy class, he became the Founding President of the Missouri Career Development Association (MoCDA), has served for three years as the MoCDA representative on the American Counseling Association of Missouri (ACAM) Executive Board, served on the NCDA Elections Committee, and currently is Co-chair of the Global Connection Committee for the National Career Development Association (NCDA). He also is a member of the editorial board of The Career Development Quarterly.


Brian’s teaches, consults, and speaks about career concerns while maintaining a small private practice in addition to his “day job” as a counselor educator in one of the 10 CACREP-accredited Career Counseling programs. His scholarship is focused within the career counseling and school counseling domains addressing social class and international/social justice issues in counseling both with a particular focus on issues of career development and counseling. Recent publications include peer-reviewed articles in Career Development Quarterly, Journal of Counseling & Development, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and Equity & Excellence in Education as well as more than one dozen textbook chapters focusing on career concerns.


Brian is the founder of the St. Louis Cultural Competence Institute and an active advocate for intergroup contact and empathy after Michael Brown Jr.’s death in Ferguson, MO in August 2014. For this work, Dr. Hutchison received the 2014-15 Social Justice Advocacy Award from the Association of Humanistic Counseling and has been featured in several regional and national media outlets including the Counseling Today article “Storytelling and hope in Ferguson” (November 17, 2014). http://ct.counseling.org/2014/11/storytelling-and-hope-in-ferguson/


Goal Statement:

Leadership and vision are two elements that I considered before accepting the nomination to run for President. As a leader I believe in participatory membership, openness of information, and active inclusion for those members who may have felt marginalization. My vision for NCDA is one of increased openness to the globalized world of workers and career practitioners, greater activation of current and future members as agents for change in the lives of your clients and communities, and more inclusivity of our international members/ partners. The president of NCDA is simply a captain who steers the ship for a short period of time. My goal would be to chart my course while building upon the work of past presidents whose leadership has made NCDA great.

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