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QUARTERLY                              Volume 66    Number 3      September 2018




Special Section: Career Development in the Digital Age


Introduction to the Special Section: Career Development in the Digital Age

Paul J. Hartung


The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Issues and Implications for Career Research and Practice

Andreas Hirschi


The Future of Work in a Digital World:  Preparing for Unparalleled Opportunity, Technological Displacement, and Everything in Between

Robert W. Lent


Testing an Integrative Contextual Career Development Model with Adolescents from High-Poverty Urban Areas

Julia L. Conkel-Ziebell, Sherri L. Turner, and George V. Gushue


Breadth of Vocational Interests: The Role of Career Adaptability and Future Orientation

Maria Cristina Ginevra, Chiara Annovazzi, Sara Santilli, Ilaria Di Maggio,

and Elisabetta Camussi


Regular Article


Factors Influencing STEM-Career Aspirations of Underrepresented High School Students

Wei-Cheng J. Mau and Jiaqi Li


Effective Techniques


Extending the Narrative Process: Guided Imagery in Career Construction Counseling

Kevin B. Stoltz, Marty Apodaca, Laith G. Mazahreh


Using Sandtray to Facilitate College Students’ Career Decision Making:

Jacqueline M. Swank and Stephani A. B. Jahn


Brief Report


Negative Career Outlook and the Working Alliance in Career Counseling

Carolyn Alchin, Peter McIlveen, and Harsha N. Perera



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