NCDA RFP: Offender Workforce Development Specialist Training Program Curriculum

Deadline: March 1, 2019

NCDA is seeking a curriculum contractor to update and enhance the Offender Workforce Development Specialist (OWDS) Training Program, a corrections-adapted curricula based on the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) Training Program.  NCDA holds the copyright to the existing curricula and seeks a contractor who will update and provide the manuscript to NCDA’s Training and Education Council (TEC).  The TEC will oversee the management of the curricula enhancement and will make plans for its release upon completion.  NCDA will not offer compensation for this program upfront; NCDA will provide a 15% royalty to the chosen curriculum contractor based on curriculum sales from the first three years. 

The OWDS Program includes 8 modules (Instructor, Participant, and Resource materials) and the current electronic files will be provided to the contractor.  The goal is to structure the new curriculum similar to the design of the FCD and include updated references and statistics, enhancing materials with more attention to online job search, and a redesign of the hours of instruction with attention to incorporating an online learning component. This enhancement is not considered a total “overhaul.”  The last update was in 2011 so the information needs a moderate enhancement and review to update the information. 

The chosen contractor should have curriculum development experience, knowledge of OWDS and the corrections field, knowledge of the FCD program protocols, expertise in that latest corrections data and research, familiarity with the Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) Credential, and marketing input for the program.  NCDA will maintain copyright of the resulting curriculum.  The contractor may seek additional opportunities through NCDA for OWDS Instructor Training and marketing presentations which are outside of the curriculum development work. 

Suggested Timeline:  The deadline for submission is March 1, 2019.  A final selection is slated for March 31, 2019.  The first completed draft should be submitted to the TEC by January 1, 2020.  A review and suggestions will be provided to the contractor by March 1, 2020, with the suggested deliverable date for the final draft on June 1, 2020. 

Current OWDS Table of Contents

Module 1: Career Theory and Its Application

Module 2: Understanding and Using Facilitation Skills

Module 3: Using Assessment Instruments to Assist Offenders with Career Planning

Module 4: Strategies to Lessen Barriers for Offenders Entering the Workforce

Module 5: Instruction and Group Facilitation

Module 6: Ethics of the Certified Career Service Provider

Module 7: Using Computer Systems and Websites to Assist Offenders with Career Planning and Job Placement

Module 8: Designing and Implementing Training and Work Development Services


Proposals should be sent electronically to Deneen Pennington at dpennington@ncda.org by March 1, 2019.  Questions about this RFP may be referred to Deneen Pennington also.  Proposals should come as one PDF document with OWDS – (LAST NAME) as the title. 


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